Tuesday September 17, 2019
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Goshinkan JuJitsu puts on several technical seminars throughout the year for affiliated and non-affiliated schools, teaching a variety of material from ground fighting, jujitsu, Police Pressure Point Control Tactics and more.

For affiliated schools Goshinkan JuJitsu puts on these seminars on a cost recovery basis, or a standard fee if your school is not affiliated with Goshinkan-Ryu JuJitsu. The requesting dojos take turns hosting the seminar and does not have to be an affiliated Dojo. The seminar can be taught in private settings or for a group. This also provides an opportunity to help improve junior instructors’ teaching abilities.

Have a look under our Programs Section for more topics.

Duration The seminars vary from one to two days, with the start time generally at 10AM until 5PM the first day; then 11AM - 5PM the following day; lunch breaks are provided each day, including photo opportunities at the end of each training day.

Certificates & Promotions Certificates are given out for participants at each seminar. If there were any recent promotions at member dojos, the instructors have the opportunity to acknowledge their student and give out their own certificates if desired. If you are requesting a promotion have a look at Black Belt College or Rank Review.

To check availability or request a seminar please contact Shihan Kevin Lintott, Renshi.

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