Friday February 21, 2020
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Dan Rank Review


Grades in Traditional Ju Jitsu are attributed to the goal of achieving what Goshinkan-Ryu perceives as the principles of our traditional stand up Ju Jitsu martial art, modified to suit the reality of our modern western world.

Grades in Ju Jitsu, as in all “Budo”, must show a certain technical progress, a larger understanding of the discipline and a certain elevation of the individual who is promoted. This is the accumulation of moral and intellectual values, technical values and effective self-defense abilities.


To meet the admission requirements for examination a candidate must:

  • Meet all criteria for the recommended rank as specified in the Goshinkan-Ryu Grading Program;
  • Have their own school;
  • Be a Canadian citizen or a landed immigrant except for exceptional circumstances.

References in the Program to age are references to the age at time of grading.

Ranks Obtained After an GMA Promotion

Only in the case of exceptional circumstances will ranks obtained subsequent to a Goshinkan-Ryu grading be recognized by Goshinkan-Ryu .


  1. Increased proficiency in all lower rank requirements.
  2. Minimum of three (3) years in Ju Jitsu
  3. Minimum of at least one year as Brown Belt (Ikkyu)
  4. NCCP Level One certification (optional)
  5. First Aid Certification
  6. CPR Certification
  7. Current in present syllabus

Ability to demonstrate the generally accepted ju jitsu techniques for:

  1. Striking
  2. Blocking
  3. Throwing
  4. Joint locking
  5. Neck restraints
  6. Ground Defense
  7. Hold escapes
  8. Weapons Defense; club; knife
  9. 25 straight throws (minimum)
  10. Blind Throws
  11. Counters to Throws
  12. Counters to kicks
  13. Counters to basic joint locks
  14. Series of hold downs
  15. Blocking kata(s)
  16. History of Ju Jitsu
  17. Terminology in writing related to your own style
  18. Knowledge of basic foot work
  19. Knowledge of PPCT
  20. Principles of joint locking
  21. Principles of neck restraints
  22. Principles of targeting

For Higher Dan Ranks Criteria will be sent to candidate.

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